This versatile yet reasonably priced version from JVC is rather simple to operate and enables users to play both DVDs and VHS without any difficulty.

You can now replicate your old films saved on VHS tapes to DVDs which can be run on any type of DVD recorder. This version's one touch recording alternative is extremely pleasant and its timer set up enables you to record both the VCR as well as the DVD.

It's not useless for recording cable or OTA transmissions in both standard definition and high definition to DVD RW and DVDR discs as well as copying VHS to DVD-R. But like other recorders this model cannot record copy protected material.

This DVD/VCR combo model from JVC has versatile compatible formats such as the DivX (registered company). It offers inputs and composite outputs, component and S-Video outputs, and optical and coaxial outputs.

This DVD recorder has built in dual tuners (ATSC Digital and NTSC Analog) that allow you to record when you are not at home or watching another station. You won't need a separate set-top box if you have an analog set. The JVC DR-MV 150B offers exceptional output when connected to an HDTV, it may receive On the Air (OTA) free high-definition programming.

A good feature on this JVC model is that you could edit the applications recorded on DVD-RW or DVD RAM discs to eliminate other unwanted material or commercials.

The image quality of your old tapes when burned to a DVD with this recorder looks significantly better with the usage of this JVC product.

Like all other JVC models, the JVC DR-MV 150B is not difficult setting up and simple to operate. It responds instantly to all of the remote control orders. However there are some user reviews where they feel that the equipment 's user interface is just not intuitive and the access to the set up menu is sluggish. For the best info on dvd check out cd/dvd duplication

Several other negative notes. This JVC model will not have the Svideo input. The product's remote could have been made more user-friendly. Unless you have a JVC TV you need to make use of a TV remote to control the volume, input signal and station change options.

Some useful features are missing from this version. These include access while record, the capability to look at the recorded part of program while it's still recording, you CAn't watch one drive while the other is no varying recording speeds, recording with no automatic writing of program titles. All these are significant drawbacks to me.

Judgment: On the whole, this DVD recorder offers very good value for the cash since it has attractive features with versatile formats and has an easy set up and it has the HDMI output. The built-in double tuners are excellent attributes too. These tuners provide entry to most of the digital stations which are available in your town. There are a few negatives here - chief among them is the inability to permit use of the other functions of the DVD recorder while it's in recording mode of the machine. Obviously this recorder fulfils its main goal of transferring your old VHS tapes to DVD.

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